Friday, March 19, 2010

More Thoughts on Social Justice

I want to speak a little more about the topic of social justice. I want to talk about what social justice looks like in action.

A woman from my church runs an nonprofit organization called Bridge of Hope. Bridge of Hope works with refugees living in the city heights neighborhood in San Diego. Bridge of Hope provides refugee families with food, furniture, clothing, toys and other supplies. Bridge of Hope supports these families and helps them to adjust to life in America.

What Bridge of Hope does is a great example of social justice. They care for the poor and the oppressed. They try to give these refugees a better future.

Another good example is Love146. Love146 is an organization that works to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. They also provide safe houses for people coming out of slavery. They also work to prevent people from becoming slaves and to make sure that once someone is set free they stay free.

These organizations, and others like them, do good work. This is why Glenn Beck's recent comments about social justice get to me. When he says that social justice is a 'code phrase' used by communists and Nazis, he is slandering people who work hard to make the world a better place. When he tells people to leave their church if that church believes in social justice he is actively undermining organizations like Bridge of Hope and Love146.

Glenn Beck is actually making the world a worse place, and that's what gets to me.

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